About Us

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About CreditRepairConsumers.com

CreditRepairConsumers.com was created to help Americans with subpar credit to find the information and resources they need to make successful credit decisions. Featuring blog posts, how-to guides, studies and other helpful content, our site’s mission is to raise the overall financial awareness of its visitors. All of us have suffered through various credit issues and as we shared our experiences with each other, CreditRepairConsumers was born.

We decided to share our experiences and knowledge to create an honest site that reviews the plans and services out there to give consumers the best information to make an intelligent choice about repairing their credit. Although we are licensed affiliates with the services we review, our reviews are unbiased. Some products simply do not work and if you’ve read our reviews, you’ve seen we can be critical as easy as approving. We will always strive to give our readers the most in depth, detailed, and unbiased reviews available.

What We Do

Our mission here at CreditRepairConsumers.com is very simple: to provide consumers with unbiased reviews to help you make an intelligent informed choice about repairing your credit. We provide you with research, information, and advice on what works and what doesn’t. The credit repair industry is still evolving with new companies and services popping up everyday. Our trusted editorial staff and our original content will keep you informed of new products and services and most importantly, what works.

Each month, people come to CreditRepairConsumers.com to:

  • Read the latest credit repair news in our blog
  • Read the latest reviews on products and services
  • Compare services to see whats right for their situation
  • Learn the latest tips and tricks to improve credit scores

We provides expert editorial advice for choosing what products or services to buy and how to get the most from them. Our editorial endorsements are an important part of how we help people select the right products.